Church of the Vine
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Growing Together in Faith

Meet our Church Staff

Phil Hardwick (Senior Pastor) knows no strangers, only friends he hasn't met.  He's been having fun as a pastor for over three decades in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Massachusetts.  Southern born,  bred and buttered, but now stationed up in Yankee land. He gets a "bee in his bonnet" every now and then and let's it out every Sunday morning. Granted his accent throws people off, but he figures his is no worse than New Englanders who can't pronounce their R's. Among his favorite activities are reading, traveling, and watching the Red Sox. Two things he enjoys doing are: making people think and helping them to laugh. This he tries to do when preaching.  Ya'll feel free to come and check him out.
Robert Sullivan (Associate Pastor) has been part of the church for many years and serves as the church Worship Leader.  Bob has been a Special Education teacher for the Taunton School system for almost 25 years.  Bob received his MDiv from Southern Seminary in 2005.  Bob has been married to Debbie for 36 years and have an adult son, Jesse, who recently married and is making his home in New York.
Sandy Coelho (Office Administrator) is a volunteer staff member and helps to coordinate the administrative needs of the church.  She is the Lay Leadership director of the Baptist Convention of New England and Church Development consultant for the Greater Boston Baptist Association.  Sandy has been married to her husband, Gerry, since 1980 and they have two grown children, Nicholas, age 28, and Caitlin, age 25.
Kevin Robinson (Custodian) has been serving the church in this ministry for the past five years.  Kevin makes sure that the church building and grounds are ready every Sunday and for every occasion that the church hosts.  Kevin is married to Lisa and they have three grown children and one grandchild.